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Mom's Game Day Essentials: A Complete Guide to Sports Comfort for Moms with Young Kids

Approaching my fourth year with year round seasons under my belt, I'm starting to master the art of being a sports mom. While it's an exhilarating experience, it demands strategic planning to guarantee both you and your little ones have a fantastic time cheering on the team. Game day expenses can add up, especially at the food stands if you don't plan ahead. In this guide, I will guide you into the essential items to ensure you're well-prepared for whatever the long days of sports may bring.

Starting strong with:

1. Canopy Tent: Shield your family from the sun or light rain with a portable canopy tent. It provides a shaded area for relaxation, snack time, and a comfortable spot for the little ones to rest in between games or events.

I've curated a list on Amazon to assist you in finding the top-rated items to buy. Explore the selection by clicking here

2. Portable Chairs and Bleacher Cushions: While you might anticipate a quick game, experience has taught me that you never know. Stay prepared at all times and bring along the chairs. Opt for lightweight, collapsible chairs to ensure comfortable seating during the game. Consider packing bleacher cushions too, as you might find yourself on a main field with bleachers.

My oldest son just joined 7 on 7 two hand touch football. We were under the impression that the games were 20 minutes and we were playing two back to back games. Well we found ourselves out there for half the day with an extra game added because they made it to the championship. Luckily I had everything packed and prepared for the day.

3. Portable Chargers: Keep your devices charged for capturing those precious moments and staying connected. A portable charger ensures you won't miss a single highlight. If you also have other children not in sports or waiting for their event you want to have those tablets and phones on stand by. The days can get long.

4. Portable A/C Unit and Heater, Hand Warmers, Blankets, Umbrella, Rain Poncho: Be prepared for temperature fluctuations. I live in Arizona and we just never know what the day may bring. Keep in mind the sports go on rain or shine. The only thing that delays a game is lightening so be prepared to sit through the weather conditions. Last game I really wish I had a portable heater because it was freezing. I have now added that to my list of things to get. In the summertime it gets really hot. The portable AC unit will by far be the best summer purchase.

5. Wagon: I know it all sounds like a lot and were not even done. However, a sturdy wagon makes transporting all your essentials a breeze. Load it up with gear, and easily navigate through crowds to find the perfect spot. My boys also love to sit on top of everything and watch me struggle to pull everything plus them to the fields or car.

6. A Mom Bag: You thought the diaper bag days were over? Nope. Be prepared to always have a mom bag on hand. Include: Snacks, First aid Kit, Hand Sanitizer, Bug Spray, Wipes, Napkins, Trash Bags, Hygiene Bag, Seat Covers, Medicine, Sunscreen, Cash. Even though we pay for the sport upfront, don't be surprised to pay to see your kids play. And I've found the perfect bag just for that. Check it out in my amazon storefront.


7. Coolers: Pack a cooler with refreshing drinks, snacks, and easy-to-handle finger foods. Staying hydrated and well-fed is key to an enjoyable sports day.

Check out my latest video of what I pack for game days here:

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